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Last of the Books

I now know that I can read over 100 books in a year. Go me. Will I be able to do it again? I don’t know. I spent the first quarter of the year unemployed and my loving wife was given a request of keep plying me with books.  Despite that request, in reviewing the titles I did not have… (more…)

Bookish Update — 85, 86 …

Although I haven’t posted them here I am more or less up to 85 books. I think there might be a few more, no scratch that, there are a few more that need posting (my short story bathroom reading books for a start). I’ve read up to the latest Charlaine Harris (I hadn’t read anything since All Together Dead). I’ve… (more…)


Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs So reading Silver Borne brought out a desire in my wife to reread the Mercy series and I felt it my duty to help her. I’m very supportive that way. Picking up Moon Called reminded me that (a) Silver Borne finished off a lot of loose ends including some miscellaneous bits… (more…)

Two more books, now over halfway

Thanks to being out of work for four months, having a train ride into work once I got there, and a coping mechanism with depression that has me hide in works of fiction I have managed to surpass the halfway point for the 95 books without really realizing it. The hardest part has been sitting down and writing these posts… (more…)

Seven more books

Book 47 – 49  Island in the Sea of Time, Against the Tide of Years, On the Oceans of Eternity by S.M. Stirling The Island of Nantucket drops out of time to somewhere in the 1250s BCE and is lucky enough to have both a Coast Guard captain who can use sails, an ancient civilizations Professor with the ability with… (more…)

Books a plenty

I’m just slightly behind in my book write ups so I’ll just add a brief sentence or so to some of them. #38 Star Wars: Dark Lord — The Rise of Darth Vader by James Luceno — This is how the last movie should have ended. He took a petulant, whiny, crybaby and made him the Dark Lord of the… (more…)

8 Books, a Miss, and Random Thoughts for the Week

Eight books? Over the span of a week or so? No problem. Why? Well that’s simple. I’m sitting on my rear waiting for the union hall to call and actually get working again. To make matters worse I’m out of EI so I have zero money coming in. What dose that mean? Depression attack. Thankfully I feel like I’m on… (more…)

A weekend of reading

Ever get sucked into something and the next thing you know the entire day has past? Yeah. On Friday I played close to nine hours of Dragon Age so I switched gears and went a booking. Book 27: Blood and Honor by Simon R. Green My lovely wife put this on interlibrary loan a while back and was surprised when… (more…)

Religion, SciFi, War, and not much else

Book 24 By Schism Rent Asunder by  David Weber It is at this point that anyone following my rating system will sit up, look at what I give this book, and pronounce me a complete and utter moron. Why? Because unlike the huddled masses I happen to believe that religion is a vital part of the human condition. Even the… (more…)

Three more books

Book 21: Off Armageddon Reef by  David Weber This fills my sci-fi niche for the moment. Humanity is almost dead so we send out an ark to the other side of the galaxy and then enforce a limit to their technological growth through a created religion. Only the people making the religion kind of get caught up in it and,… (more…)