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By the 19th century, apple and other fruit pies were common at the breakfast table in rural homes throughout America.

And Seraph thinks I’m silly for going to buy bread, coffee, piecrust, and chocolate chips before I go home. Pie is breakfast. So are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The interweb would never lie.

The Federcletus


Amulet of Samarakand by Jonathan Stroud

This book was awesome. The main character is the delightfully full of himself (and rightfully so) djinn/demon Bartemaeus. To further expand his story he includes footnotes (including a footnote about the fact that he has to create footnotes because humans are so dense).

The story is fairly complex but wraps up by the end. There are enough indications that the world is not wrapped up by any means to make me desperate about wanting to find the next book in the series.

Excuse me, would you mind moving your horse?

The end of the world must once again be upon us for I have managed to once again revert to KDE. I’ve been switching between Icewm and xfce for the last little while but in the course of burning a cd-rw I used the fatal beast. You see I have no freaking clue how to actually set up linux to burn cdrws. I’ve tried poking, proding, everything. The only way I can manage it is to boot into Slax using a multidistro disk I have and log in using root. K3B is also the only program that manages to not make me want to hurt anyone. Now Slax does come with xfce but I don’t like the way the menu is set up. So that means using KDE. Damned if it didn’t get to me.

For starters KDE Patience is the best card game out there. One game in particular, Grandfather, is my addiction. And of course I started playing with KGpg to actually get a working encryption system and PIM, the personal information manager. Instead of running a single monolythic program like Outlook I can run each program (mail, news, notes, calendar, yadda, yadda) independently or all together. I’m playing with the all together. Oh and if I want something to be associated with a particular program, say oh a file type, it isn’t overwritten every time I install something new (MS) or a convoluted mess of wtf’s (gnome).

I know KDE is a huge memory hogging beast that I swear at more often than not. But that’s not to say I don’t like it.


I’m currently downloading the torrent for Elive, a really really neat live version of linux. Did I say it’s really neat? It uses the enlightenment desktop which does a whole crapload of really cool stuff for like half the memory. Heh heh. There are 33 seeders right now. I’m dowloading at over 300 Kb/s. Awesome.

I love the linux world.

Shifting anger

When I originally wrote the words of the two previous posts, life seemed clearer. New Orleans knew what was going to hit them and anyone who didn’t leave deserved to be told no when they called for help. I never thought anyone deserved to die. No one does. Buy my sympathy for those people who stayed in their bungalows on a flat street was nowhere in sight.

A few days later I’m feeling far more angry but it’s not at New Orleans. Rumours and then substantial articles showing that they levies were supposed to be upgraded years ago but weren’t because the money got moved to homeland security and the war by the Bush Budgets. Listening to the reports from the superdome, the horrors of those who fled to where they were they were told. Listening to reports of hospitals being looted. And now the anger of citizens who say the looting was not just random acts of anarchy but a decided effort by Robin Hoods to keep children from starving.

Today things are different.

Find May Ray Nagin’s twelve minute interview. I beg you. The man expresses all the pain and suffering of his people. CNN has a copy in their media player. I’m going to look for another one. Fark probably has a link somewhere.

Why did it take this long to get food and water into an area that had predictuions of massive destruction? Why did the police get no support from the national guard until almost a week after the event? Why have we left people in the Superdome when the ‘rescuers’ managed to not save the one pumping station they were begged to save, the one that provided water pressure through the taps and not the streets? Why? Why? Why?

No doubt there will be a congressional inquiry. I don’t care. It won’t answer the questions I have. Why did President Bush end his vacation the day after instead of the day before the hurricane hit? Yes I know it is just a matter of perception given that he is probably more available at the ranch than the whitehouse but I’m still interested in knowing. Who didn’t call to ‘officially’ ask for help: the governor(s) or the President?

And now the big one. Did they deserve it? After all they were just poor black people. It’s no surprise they were looting. Just a bunch of criminals everyone of them. Are you telling me they didn’t have cars? Figures. They’re just a bunch of welfare bums who were too busy stealing beer and cigarettes to leave. That’s the question I want everyone to think about because it will show whether or not we have a problem as humans. I will admit to sharing the latter half of the last one. I couldn’t belive that people would be looting. But now that I hear the stories of people using that loot to help others I feel taken aback. The thought didn’t even occur to me. And for that I am sorry. The looting was not done simply for the sake of looting. There were reasons. People had lost everything. I cannot judge why they did what they did. Even looting electronics makes sense if you consider that most people don’t have a house right now. Good luck getting the insurance company to pay for your four year old DVD player that someone gave you on your birthday. Here’s another thought. I’ll trade you a DVD player for four gallons of drinking water.

Everyone assumed the worst. Was it because of skin colour that we did so? Are there still prejudices even among those who say they have none? Who should have the greater shame: someone who lootes or someone who thinks looting was for the fun of it and not to feed the children?

Dear Mississippi

You aren’t really included in the previous post. You were told to take shelter. You did what you were supposed to.

My biggest problem with this whole situation is that police and reservists are having to put their lives on the line when they shouldn’t have had to do so. Our front line of personal defence has to deal with so much risk in their life I was really hoping that they wouldn’t be forced to endanger themselves any more than they absolutely needed.
I also want to know why hotel staff were still around. If I find out that any owners forced their employees to stay I’m going to go ballistic. This was a category 5 hurricane. There was plenty of warning. I can accept the fact that the superdome needs to be evacuated now. But you know what? That was the best idea they had and I applaud the person who made that decsion.


Dear over 100 assholes calling 911 when Katrina hit and you wanted the police to save you,

You’re a fucking retard. You were told to leave. If you couldn’t because you have no car then why weren’t you at the Superdome? If you couldn’t because you physically were not able to get out of your house, why didn’t you call the numbers provided the week before.

Police in New Orleans and surrounding parishes received more than 100 calls from residents trapped on top of their roofs.
“Tell someone to come get me please. I want to live,” resident Chris Robinson told the AP via cell phone from his home east of downtown.

Guess what Chris, you’re an asshat.
To the guy who had just a crowbar and was afraid to use it to get onto your roof. You’re a dumbass.


The Man in Tweed
It’s not just because I’m smarter than you are. I’m better looking to boot.

The end is nigh

As a children’s librarian I cannot look at the end of August and breathe a sigh of relief. The summer is by far the busiest season of the year because we finally get in our major demographic: school kids. We never see children from the schools in great number during the rest of the year. Even March Break pales in comparison because not everyone is around. We’ve had over 500 reports come in this summer and nearly 200 of them are creative reports. That means we have four walls covered in drawings, quizzes, models, and anything else you can imagine. It’s great. It’s also wearing me down to nothing. I’ve had a stomach flu for almost a week now. The person who shares me cubicle has been out sick for the same amount of time. We’re all tired. We’re all looking for a break. We get about 7 days. After that, the rush for little people programming begins. There is very little in the way of downtime in children’s land. Maybe we should push everything back until the end of September.

Cyborg Name

Mechanical Intelligent Construct Hardwired for Assassination and Efficient Learning