Debian working

I deleted the uber-Tex package from my debian box and it seems to be letting me boot into a graphical interface again. I’ll throw that on my list of things that becomes a bit more complicated in linux than it really has to be.

Canadian Children’s Books

I’m looking for a list of Canadian children’s picture books published after the year 2000. Do you think I can find one? I can get award winners but not a definitive list. Should I be working on this or something? Amicus is not useful because they do not separate it by Canadian authors. I can’t search on Canadian cities either because lo and behold Nickelodeon’s translations are published in Montreal.

This is not fun. Again I ask, should I be doing something about this?

Ok. I’ve finally found Deirdre Baker and Ken Setterington’s A Guide to Canadian Children’s Books. First problem, it’s sorted by author’s last name. While this is a useful idea in an of itself I need by date. The other problem? I’m making a list on a computer. Having to read and type and read and type defeats the purpose.

Working with crap because mine is busted

I seem to have broken linux somehow. Not just one distro but two. Gentoo is having issues whenever I ask it to create a terminal emulator and debian just simply won’t boot into any sort of a graphical interface. Part of me is seriously thinking of hanging it up and buying Linspire. Except for the fact that I’m cheap and don’t have near enough hardware power to really do what I want.

I booted into SLAX and created a couple of live distro’s: ByzantiumOS and something with a dolphin. Damned if I can remember right now. I’m currently sitting the computer lab at Seraph’s work wondering what, if anything, I can do on this mandrake built pos. They seem to have locked everything down on me. I can’t F1 into another terminal because I don’t have any sort of login name or password. At least they use Icewm. They can’t be all bad.

How Canadians Govern Themselves

Link to pdf file This is a 57 page document giving the history of Canadian governance. I really recommend this to high school teachers or first year university profs giving an introduction to Canadian Polisci course.

I should have stayed in bed

I haven’t actually gotten any email for the past 2 days. It turns out I set a 10MB quota on myself and didn’t realize I was over. But while fixing it I noticed something rather interesting. I have an IMAP server. That’s right. I have been using pop3 for almost 2 years now having to go into a web interface to delete things twice if not thrice for no bloody reason at all.

Somedays I love me.

ipodder frustration

It seems debian is one of two distros (RH being the other) that does not have the required packages of wxpython that are needed to get ipodder up and running. Why this is the case when the wxpython people have released 2.6 is beyond me. I love debain but damn it’s frustrating when something that is relatively (in the internet world) old is not yet in stable.

note to self

The next time you try and circumvent debian by downloading iPodder directly from the website look at that handly little file innocently labelled README.

In other news. It’s amazing a little difference in numbers can make. Say python2.4 instead of python2.3.

This is why I have a love/hate relationship with my mornings off. I do really neat stuff that takes forever.

Canada’s SchoolNet / Rescol canadien

Canada’s SchoolNet / Rescol canadien

This is today’s really neat site brought to you by the Canadian Federal Government: Your Tax Dollars Really Are at Work. I’m using it’s web directory to aid in updating the library’s homework site. They say there are over 7000 learning resources and they’re all indexed and searchable. Try looking up geography (hint: it’s under social studies). I am so adding this to the list of sites I mention in job interviews. The only problem I have is that their interface sucks. It’s a tiny picture (once you click on the learning resources link at the top).

Fun things from the Government

Starting from the weekly checklist way back on July 8th and moving around from there:

  • The Senate does something useful! Frankly I think sea-doos and whatnot should be banned outright but I get curmudgeonly when it comes to my own peace and quiet at a lake.
  • GPS and DGPS made easy. Yeah. Go figure that a document made in 2000 is actually still fairly current (that I can tell) and a really accessible read. I recommend it for teachers.
    An owner’s guide to private aids to navigation and DGPS: keeping you on course round out the naval offerings this week.
  • If you have an hour of twelve try reading Outlook for electricity markets, 2005-2006. I’m sure there’s really intersting stuff in there. Damned if I’m going to get through it all though. Someone tell me what it’s about. (Other than the obvious “electricity” Seraph. I’m not sure what it says when you have to tell your wife not to give the answer that one would give if she said the same thing. Probably that I married the right person.)
  • How in the hell this managed to make it to the weekly is beyond me but it’s a facinating read. Essentially this is the powerpoint deck of the bureaucracy of the NAFTA nations telling their respective leaders just what the fuck it is they’re doing all day while the leaders are off doing whatever it is they happen to be doing (in the case of the Canadian PM its calling the kettle black but that’s another story). Security and prosperity partnership in North America: report to leaders.

That’s all for now.

Just because I’m boring doesn’t mean I’m not busy

Despite assurances in my mother’s mind that we are steadfastly ignoring her pleas to visit out of some hardheartedness, life is actually pretty damned full at the moment. Between Seraph and I we’ve had one weekend out of the last five or so at home where we could get chores done. Shopping for food and laundry does take most of a day when you haven’t been able to do it for a few weeks. Let’s not even mention cleaning the house. So little brother, should you be reading, prepare to be the one called every other day for the next few weeks.

I just sent off a resume and cover letter for a six month contract job. Normally I’d hesitate about something that short and search for the “fulltime permanent job that will allow family stability”™ but this one just looks really really cool. In addition to searching the web all day for links that kids would find useful I’d be in charge of a website I swore at whenever I opened it in firefox. Let the hordes of people cry out: Usability in multiple browsers is upon us! Or it will be if I (a) get the job and (b) have anything to say about it.

Now that most of the busy work is done I’m going to wander through the weekly checklist for some neat links. I can’t do full out reviews of websites. I just don’t have the time nor the patience right now. But I do have time to link to really neat things that people ought to see but never do because its government produced.