April 3, 2015

A year ago …

… I had never cut down a tree.

… I had yet to light a fire using the embers of the previous day’s blaze.

… I had never owed a pool.

… I had never hung my clothes on my clothesline.

… my youngest uncle was still alive.

… I lived in Freya’s house.

… I was still an apprentice.

… I had never worked out of town and come home on weekends.

… I lived in the city.

… I did not have a church I called “mine.”

… I did not own a grown up car.

… I was not yet brave enough to permanently cut off a communicating with a relative.

… I had never read the New Testament in one fell swoop start to finish.

… I didn’t have “happy” days.

… I didn’t come home after a journey, close the car door, look up a the stars, and sigh with contentment.

… I did not have a library card for the place where I lived.

… I did not have a +5 proficiency in fire wrap

… I had never covered a duct with pvc.

… I had never worked a job from start to finish.

… I did not have to go for physiotherapy.

… I was not as satisfied with my life as I am today despite the tragedies and hardships that have come my way.