To celebrate actually getting out of the house and accomplishing yard-work on my first day of being out of work (aah the trades life) I ate a sandwich for late breakfast. But  just any sandwich however. This sandwich has a dual distinction. First, it is one of my favorites. Second, it confuses the ever living daylights out of my wife.

I ate a hard-boiled egg sandwich.

Please, calm your gasps. Reign in your incredulity. It is true. I boiled two eggs, slathered two pieces of toast with Miracle Whip®, sliced the eggs onto the toast and ate the concoction with relish.Sounds simple enough right? Nothing complex. Nothing horrendous. Nothing that would normally make a person as logical as my wife question the sanity of the person with whom they live 2

Why the confusion? Why the seconds-lasting angst?

I hate egg-salad sandwiches. Mix those two ingredients together and I hate it. Keep them separate and I love it.

I don’t understand either.

Perhaps it is the mayo:egg ratio that makes my eyes twitch. Maybe the refrigeration process modifies the proteins somehow. Suffice it to say that sliced warm egg on toast with mayo and pepper is glorious in its simplicity and exquisite in taste whereas egg salad is icky.

I leave it to you to figure out. I’m going to make another sandwich.

Not the pickle kind, the I really really enjoyed it kind.
Unlike, say, me watching cricket.