Random Christmas Shopping Thoughts

If I had a smart phone this is what I would have tweeted during my attempt to shop for Christmas gifts today (and yes I did spend most of my time out with my head performing random commentary in tweets):

  • The Michael Bublé/Shania Twain rendition of White Christmas makes me wish that it was Christopher Walken singing the lead — not that there’d be that much of a difference.
  • Looks like it’s a women’s pyjamas have pants year. At every single store. Does all of North America have the same wholesaler?
  • I swear the way this year’s shopping is going my wife is getting a reciprocating saw.
  • Yes, my wife wants a reciprocating saw. I’m the one who keeps saying no.
  • Seriously. Why do we need a reciprocating saw?
  • So far it’s presents from me: one for five, presents from cats: one for one.
  • And my cashier is not paying attention. The one beside him noticed I said “I’ve had funner days. I really enjoying having to Christmas shop on the weekend of” and gave a chuckle.
  • Time until I hit a stupid parking attempt — one hour. This is why you start as early as you can kids.
  • Way to upsell EB. Trying having a Wii U in stock before you convince the lady to spend nearly a grand on it and the xbox headset.
  • Did he just say the Wii U gets higher ratings on multi-platform games? Where? Nintendo Power Magazine?
  •  Is it just me or was there a time when you could buy something and return it if it doesn’t work without having to pay an EB insurance fee?
  • Watching this guy trying not to swallow his own head when responding to “is it in stock at Future Shop” was worth the time I spent in this store. Didn’t buy anything but at least I was entertained.
  • Let’s see: whole store full of people and not one staff member on the floor to help. Brilliant.
  • I swear retail service had devolved. Again.
  • Ok there is no one at Walmart. Maybe the end of the world did happen.