V is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton

It has been an exceptionally long time since the Kinsey Millhone series was created; however, since moving to multiple narrators Grafton seems reinvigorated in her writing and ideas. This book also continues the theme of Kinsey being a regular private investigator who files papers and sits in a car for hours on a stakeout.In fact, the true plot of the novel is a by-product of the reader witnessing the story unfold through the seemingly disconnected eyes of the secondary players.
This book produces a mild change in format by introducing more than two narrators some of which do not cross Kinsey’s path at all. Oddly enough it serves to enhance the novel by juxtaposing various social classes and how they relate to the twin themes of loneliness and belonging.  Grafton weaves her characters in such a way that those who normally would be construed as villains or antagonists become erstwhile and likable characters.

The Kinsey/Dante storyline is reminiscent of some of the early books. It serves as a reminder that Kinsey believes in justice more than she does the law.

In all I view this book as a very good read and a strong indication that Grafton still enjoys her craft and characters. I look forward to the next one and, like many others, patiently await the day when she gets to deal with those truly interesting letters X and Z.