Love is in the air

Though Valentine’s Day has past there still a certain feeling air that lends itself to amorous intent. Never was this more evident than this evening.

I generally pull into my driveway with a sense of caution. Our back porch serves as a gathering place for the neighbourhood cats. Our darling Sybil was a part of a colloquium one morning. When I opened the door to leave at 5 a.m. a dozen cats, all save one sitting in a circle, stopped what they were doing to give a look that clearly stated that they would be done in a few minutes if I wouldn’t mind waiting. Our loving ball of fluff was happily sleeping away further proving that she really is just a happy little creature with no worries in the world. She was surrounded by dominant males in what was clearly a fairly important meeting and was out cold. Unforgivably I had to interrupt  as my co-workers were waiting for the car pool. I simply told them as much before starting to walk across the porch. A few of them moved out of the way and the meeting continued in my absence.

Tonight I drove up to find a tabby sitting in my parking spot walking a fluffy grey roll around where my back tire rests.  I pulled close and braked expecting the two to scatter. Instead the tabby jumped on fluffy grey grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and, well, you know. I paused.

“Do you mind?” he said with his eyes.

I sighed, turned the car off, opened the trunk, grabbed my bag, closed the trunk and walked to the back porch. His eyes followed me but the expression never changed.

When Kate came inside later she asked me why I left the car in the middle of the freaking driveway. I explained. “That’s so bizarre it must be true,” she said. Accepting my answer she went back outside to move the cars while I ensured that the lima beans did not attack the stove with an army of foam bubbles. Just another night in our household.