Our position in the multiverse

Reading the Amber series has me thinking about our position in the multiverse.

I do believe that there should be two ‘prime universes’ if only by shear mathematics. If multiverses are based off the idea that a new universe is spawned each time someone decides to pick B over A then there must be a place where everyone picks option A and all universes are essentially branches between it and the universe that picks B at every opportunity. A lot of multiverse fiction is based off of the idea that the two sides are science and magic. Within that group most like to believe that we live exclusively on the science end of the spectrum. My problem is that it removes any sort of mystical possibility on our end. I do believe that we’re on the science side of the coin but I don’t think we’re necessarily the prime universe (even though we are close to it). Why?  Because we can dream of magic. If we were truly the prime science universe we wouldn’t spend so much time talking about sparkling vampires. Deep down a part of us wishes that faerie rings were real. By the same token we have people who can dream about the science side so well that we are now living in the future. I could (if I could afford it) have a small box of plastic and metal that can deliver music to my ears, allow me to talk to people over great distances, and have the entire sum of human knowledge at my fingertips.  We are a world that can dream of both ways, both sides. To me, that precludes our being one of those sides. We need to have some small part of the magic side seeping through our collective unconsciousness in order to dream the way we dream.