Are we done yet?

I am actually close to seeing something new on the jobsite: completion. I have never worked for a company long enough to see the work end and the site be handed over.  Now it is entirely possible that I will not see the end of this particular site, I’m being moved “temporarily” to another site sometime in the middle of this week and $diety only knows if I will ever see the current site again. But if I manage to make it back I will have officially made it from close to the beginning (again thanks to the random temporary assignment) to close to the end. I personally managed to finish up the third floor last week in anticipation of the hand over. It felt good, especially since I’ve done about 60 to 70 percent of the work on that floor.  Mind you construction being construction I’ve actually done 60 to 70 percent of the work on that floor twice. Someone noticed they put in the wrong size of piping, tore out around 200 feet of work and then spent the better part of two weeks fighting about who was going to pay for the repairs.

I am once again impressed by the amount of knowledge and skill I seem to be picking up. I’m getting quite adept at this whole Insulation stuff. There’s still a ton I don’t know but the little I do I am getting to be fairly good at. I’d say I’ve got three or four skill points in the trade and two or three in construction overall. My confidence is higher than it ever has been and I am actually starting to figure out solutions to the random weird things that occur.

So while I may or may not be there at the end I can safely say that my presence has helped finish something. Now whenever I drive down that particular road I can point out the window and say “I built that.”