Random Man

I am officially “random guy” at work. Ever since showing that I can do my job when left to my own devices I have been given the random tasks that always seem to pop up. Now I’m being sent to random job sites, three in fact, in the span of five days.

Part of this is simply the fact that I’m working for an outfit that does commercial work — condos, hospitals, offices and whatnot — and, unlike industrial sites where you can spend four weeks working on one stretch of piping and it doesn’t really look like you are accomplishing much, commercial work just stops when you run out of pipe to cover. Occasionally you spend time covering it with canvas or pvc but more often than not most of what we cover is covered itself by drywall. If you can’t see it there’s no reason to make it look pretty.

So while this leads to a feeling of accomplishment and the answer to the question “how does one not become bored” it can occasionally be a tad overwhelming. Just when you get used to one site, and in my case when the coffee truck comes and who gets what in which beverage, you pop over to another. Generally speaking there’s not this much jumping which leads me back to “random guy.”

As I am not a journeyman/mechanic I need to be on a site where there is at least one person with that rank. If they aren’t there, I can’t be. Couple this with the fact that when I go to work I tend to, get this, work and you end up with me being sent to sites to essentially be the guy who does that random task that really needs to be done. I’m trusted to get it done. That is a good thing. I still don’t quite understand why I’m trusted to get it done but then again I have issues valuing my own work.

I’m getting close to putting on around 500 linear feet per day. Top help make that number seem useful Journeymen/mechanics put on around 700 feet per day. I don’t smoke or text so I’m generally always working. I don’t speed but I end up with a fairly decent pace simply by virtue of not stopping. Two days in a row I’ve essentially ran out of material. Part of me thinks that’s a good thing. It means that I’m doing more work than I’m estimated to do.

I can be happy with that.