Two more books, now over halfway

Thanks to being out of work for four months, having a train ride into work once I got there, and a coping mechanism with depression that has me hide in works of fiction I have managed to surpass the halfway point for the 95 books without really realizing it. The hardest part has been sitting down and writing these posts but after admonishing a friend to read without worrying about the number she’s at I too have to write on this blog without worrying about the fact that I’m behind on my books.

That being said I have two more books to write about.

Book 54 A Mighty Fortress by David Weber

I swear these things should count as four books in and of themselves. This book tops out a 690 pages. We finally get to have some David Weber style countless deaths too. There is even an homage to Honor Harrington which I’m certain that only a few will catch. I still love the interplay between religion, science, and geopolitics that winds its way through the series. I love the fact that people can still have faith in God even though they know their religion is made up. God does seep through the cracks. Rating: A.

Book 55 Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

Ah yes. My not-so secret passion: urban fantasy. I rather enjoy the Mercy Thompson series. Over the books she has really become a full character. This book ends a few of the outstanding plot lines but opens up a few more. Thankfully the inter-textual references to her other books are ones that I’ve read (and even then they are explained for those who haven’t read them). Even better? The romance sub-plots are not annoying and we don’t veer off into chapters of sex. Very Fun with more than a few “it’s about time you hit/shot/yelled at said person” that were eminently satisfying. Rating: A (if you like this sort of thing which I do and am proud to say it).