London Bombing

First, I do not in any way support the attack of innocent civilians. But let’s be honest here. This is one of the stupidist attacks I have ever heard of. Why? Look where one of them happened. Beside Hyde Park. If you really wanted to demoralize a nation why didn’t anyone think of hitting the huge concert that happened to be there a few days ago? If you want to mess up the G-8 summit then why the hell do it in London? Wander into the protesters with a nail bomb. Massive disruption is unbelievably simple to accomplish. And think about it even more for just a teensiest of a second. London. England. Somehow I kind of wonder how smart it is to bomb the most resilant freaking people on the entire fucking continent! These people have lived through the burning of their town, two to five plagues (depends how you look at it), the blitz, and the IRA. You seriously think that this is a target that will cower in fear over a bombing? Fuck, they’re more liable to go out, have a couple of drinks, think it over, and bomb your ass back to the stoneage. I guess in the end, Isalmic Fundamentalists didn’t watch Sean of the Dead. That alone would have given them a bit of a clue how wrong their ideas were.


I had this in the original post and deleted it when I revised. I’m going to put it back in because I do feel it still. The first thing I thought when I read about the bombings was this: “2 people? I wonder if it was the States.” Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way suggesting that President Bush signed off on what would be an act of war against his most powerful ally to get support back up. I’m just suggesting that someone might have thought he needed a little help. To make matters worse in my head, al-Qaeda is usually a hell of a lot more talkative. They usually love saying we blew up a Western nation. There’s still no confirmation outside a single website that confirms their involvement. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m just worried.