Ack, my marriage is dying

Hmm. It’s the day after the House of Commons said gay people should be able to get married. So far my marriage hasn’t disintegrated but we’re on full alert here at tweed central. Since I’ve yammered about this before (not that you can find it at the moment since I have still yet to transfer my files over) I’ll just throw out some random thoughts on the process.

– It’s about bloody time.
– Didn’t you love the bit when Harper started crying that the bill was being propped up by separatists?
-And does he have no one on staff who thought that was a stupid idea?
-When is David Foley going to announce he’s been playing the role of Stephen Harper for the last year and a bit. I know it won’t be as dramatic as doing it say at Rideau Hall but it might mean he’d get a couple of votes.
-Are you worried that there might actually be enough people angry about the gay marriage bill to put him into power given the first past the post system?
-Aren’t you surprised that I’m worried about giving him power since I’m a fiscal conservative? I know I am.
-Who the hell am I going to vote for now? So far the marijuana party is beginning to look reasonable.
-Wasn’t Ken Dryden’s article in the Toronto Star the best seen on the topic in ages?
-Is there a pool I can get into for when the institution of marriage starts visably combusting? I’ve got five bucks that needs wasting.