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Something to think about thanks to the 19th Century

From When the Sleeper Wakes by H. G. Wells (available at Project Gutenberg) Already he knew something of the history of the intervening years. He had heard now of the moral decay that had followed the collapse of supernatural religion in the minds of ignoble man, the decline of public honour, the ascendency of wealth. For men who had lost… (more…)

Texas Law

In researching something for the Stealthiswiki forums I ended up looking at Texas’ laws for runaways. Wow. Simply Wow. In Texas, If you run away before the age of 17 your mother will be able to contact the police and they will bring you back. linky If you are 17 to 18 and have “engaged in ‘conduct indicating a need… (more…)

Elections made simple

Thanks to the powers of the web of intar you don’t actually have to pay attention to anything going on in the current US election cycle and just tell it to figure out who to vote for. linky Oddly enough I support Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Apparently its a damn good thing Canadians don’t get a vote because I’d… (more…)

The new anarchy?

A post of reoccuring thoughts. Is altruism becomming the new face of anarchy? More and more the way of anarchistic revolution is to deny the corporate elite to make a profit by sharing products with one another. People are tired of the music industry pumping out crappy albums so they deny them the ability to make a lot of money… (more…)

Five Years and Now They Get It

Five years after the destruction of the twin towers and attack on the pentegon the Department of Homeland Security has decided to create a Traveller Redress Inquiry Program. I guess someone finally realized that having a no-fly list that couldn’t be appealed WAS A FUCKING STUPID IDEA! Where is Congress? Last time I checked the United States had something called… (more…)

so I lied

Anyone else notice that the BQ has shifted it’s focus from Paul Martin and the Liberal scandels to attacking Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper is the new Captain Canada. Gods help us all.

trying my damndest

If you haven’t already noticed I’ve placed myself on a bit of a moratorium on election posts to keep what few readers I have from stabbing at their brains with the old dull spoon into the eye socket trick. But I have to say this one small thing. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!?!? Stephen Harper keeps doing whatever he… (more…)


Yet again I find I’m the only person who reads government documents. The federal government is projected to have made over a quarter of a billion dollars in tax revenue on gasoline last year. Linky (see talbe table iv on page 6). Update: This might not be viewable outside of a depository library. When I get access to a version… (more…)

beer and popcorn

Over the weekend the Liberal media people said that Stephen Harper’s plan of giving parents their childcare money directly was stupid because parent’s were more likely to spend it on beer and popcorn. Until I heard that the Liberals were pulling back wildly I thought it was the best damned statement of the election. Focus on the rich people in… (more…)

It’s not just the ‘knowledge’ economy stupid

Paul Wells is currently on yet another of his rants about the knowledge economy. I’m sure that there is something worthwhile and informative in there but quite frankly I don’t care. The knowledge economy of Canada is screwed not because of any lack of funding on the federal level but due to the fact that even if a student were… (more…)