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Today I discovered the tools diskpart and diskmgt.msc It’s odd to remember that Windows is actually a full-fledged os and not just some bloatware required to run Word.

now you see it, now you … oh screw this meme

It turns I didn’t destroy PCLinuxOS. The people behind PCLinuxOS did. Apparently they are working on a big update and anyone who doesn’t do it right obviously should have done it the right way (*my very aggravated paraphrase of the forums*). So I’m going to switch back to debian or ubuntu for a while. I have a live cd of… (more…)

now you see it, now you … wtf?

It is a distinct possibility that my existing but not really hard drive is starting to fail. I booted into PCLinuxOS to see if I could change the partitions and got read errors. Fine. I have a screwy hard drive. This morning it failed to boot properly, specifically it seems to have lost various portions of Xorg. At least I… (more…)

now you see it, now you don’t

Every now and then something happens that completely confuses the daylights out of me. I have two hard drives. Both can be found using Puppy Linux. I have mounted them, moved things around in them, deleted things within them. So far so good right? Right. Whenever I go to screw around with the partition table to erase one section of… (more…)

It Never Fails

I find that whenever I manage to take a few days off from the net of inter that something awesome happens which I would totally love to talk about. It’s like going to a house party everyone has wandered off to the bar. That being said Etch has been released. I know what I’m doing today. In addition to dishes… (more…)


Since I’ve had a slight hiatus from my computer over the last week (I’ve been addicted to Civ 3 on the wife’s machine for some damned reason) I was stunned to find I had a comment on my last entry*. I generally blog with the intention that I have four readers that I share my rants with: my brother (possibly… (more…)

and this is why I find linux annoying

I love Linux. I admit that. However trying to get a windows emulator (I’m looking directly at you wine) is pure and unfettered horror. Even PCLinuxOS doesn’t get it to work seemingly out ot the box. Why isn’t there a better way??? Come on linuxites. This is possibly the last true barrier. Let’s get it working.

Commands of the day

Thanks Steve ls -sh — .print size of each file, in blocks; print sizes in human readable format (e.g., 1K 234M 2G) Useful for finding out which file you need to kill to make room for the next wrestling torrent. Not that I’m using wrestling torrents df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/hda6 11G 6.4G 3.5G 65%… (more…)

die already

Dear Grandchildren reading the archives for the first time in the far, far future, The next time you install bashpodder or its far more insidious friend bashpoddergui remember to type the simple phrase contrab -e into a command line interface. It will save you days of wondering why in the hell your computer keeps dying due to lack of storage… (more…)

Debian working

I deleted the uber-Tex package from my debian box and it seems to be letting me boot into a graphical interface again. I’ll throw that on my list of things that becomes a bit more complicated in linux than it really has to be.