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That Ending Feeling/Chicken Little?

Remember a few posts back when I said I’d like to experience the end of a job? Well I just finished two jobs back-to-back (leave stalled one, do another, come back).  It’s anti-climactic. Maybe if I’d been at the site from the beginning I might look at it differently but the only thing that really comes to mind is, “damn… (more…)

The more things change the less I can figure them out

I swear there is nothing more odd than trying to figure out where things are in a building you worked in over six months previously when it has been taken over by the occupants and finished. Everything looks weird when you are staring at a high-class restaurant that used to be the temporary bathroom.

Living in the present with cats

No that was not a murderous rampage crashing through my house. It was this. My boot belongs in the kitchen beside my other boot. It does not belong beside the PS2&3. I don’t know how the cats did it other than loudly. Everyone is fine. Freya is sitting on the couch and looks as confused as I am about the… (more…)

Living in the future with an absentminded fellow

Despite it being the Eve of the New Year I feel that I’m living in the future. Right now my wife is playing a game with her brother while they are in two different cities. Not only are they playing a game together they are chatting together, with their own voices. And all of this is being done through invisible… (more…)

Christmas Lights

They are the instrument of annoyed half-deity, of this I am certain. In other news the Christmas lights are not on the house because they attacked me. They are sitting on the downstairs desk where I can keep an eye on them.

Gift list is updated

Dear people reading who send me gifts (aka my wife). My gift list is now updated for the upcoming Christmas season. Some of the additions include: An old school safety razor and shaving kit. I’d love to use one of these for my wet shaves so that I can say screw you to the 12 bladed monstrosities currently infesting the… (more…)

Caffeine-ing it — old school

Caffeine is a vital drug in the modern world and many are the solutions to the problem of proper brewing. My solution? I ignore most of the evidence of the elitist crowd and go old-school, 1940s through 1970s old school. I have a stove top peculator. That’s right folks. I use an energy inefficient way of brewing coffee. Why? Because… (more…)

Some job satisfaction

I’ve more or less been left to my own devices the last few days at work. Yesterday seemed rather wretched, I felt like I got nothing done and spent most of my day moving my ten foot ladder around the site into a ceiling space eight feet high to do four feet of pipe covering. Ugh. Today felt more productive… (more…)


So my domain and website renewal are the middle of October not the middle of November. I’m back online so email should work again.

Working towards typical

To paraphrase one of my favorite authors there is no normal in our house, just typical. Thankfully we seem to have reached typical again. The last few days seem far more relaxed. We are still grieving for Cotton but the overpowering cloud of pain seems to have lifted. I was able to mock my wife tonight for yawing like a… (more…)