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What I should have said to CityTV about privacy

This morning at break the Google Maps bike was at Yonge Dundas square for a photo op/media session. Afterwords a reporter from CityTV asked my opinion on the bike and whether I found it an invasion of privacy. I forgot my cardinal rule with the press — have something prepared the moment you see a camera on the off chance… (more…)

Random thoughts from the world of music

Every now and then I like to go to to watch some of the latest hits, since they don’t show music on tv anymore. Here is my latest batch of thoughts. I wanna go by Britney Spears  — It looks like she’s trying to corner the Ke$ha market by being the crazy, party girl and wants everyone to look at her… (more…)

Things Said at Work

Coworker: Man, you know what’d be a great invention? An umbrella but without the metal and made with wood so that you could use it for the sun instead of the rain. Me: That would be a parasol. And it was a great invention, when they made it a few centuries ago. And then as luck would have it someone… (more…)

A new me

Twice in the last couple of weeks I’ve met up with people I haven’t seen in a while. The first was one of my best friends-from-grades-5-to -10’s jack and jill. Mike recognized me because of facebook but his mother and brother had no idea. The second was on Friday with one of my good friends from Windsor (hi Elaine) who… (more…)

Is the Election Over Yet?

I’ve been reticent to blog about the Canadian federal election because I’m thoroughly bored by the punditry and annoyed that we have to have one in the first place. Despite what the Rt. Hon. Mr. Harper might believe the government can be run by a coalition in a minority situation. Or it can go it alone. Quite frankly I am… (more…)

Another round of connectivity

I’m currently watching PATV (penny arcade television) while simultaneously enjoying the hockey game on my television. Now I’m blogging while doing those two things. This is really becoming favoritest gift. Indeed it is beginning to rival Christmas sweater and slippers.

Epically useless cats

I swear we have three of the most useless felines known to humanity. All three of these creatures have come from outside. One of them may be semi-feral for crying out loud (she’s never had people before and doesn’t really know what to do with us). You would think that one of them would be able to kill a mouse.… (more…)

This is so awesome

I am currently watching Penny Arcade TV in High Definition on my television while blogging using THE EXACT SAME SYSTEM!!!! In other news my birthday laptop is now connected to my monitor as an extended screen.  

Awesome food idea from the Joy of Cooking

Peel and cut lengthwise firm ripe bananas. Place between the halves canned pineapple sticks. Wrap the bananas with bacon. Broil until the bacon is done turning frequently. It’s in the Joy of Cooking therefore it counts as culinary.

Revealing a not really secret

It is with a small bit of trepidation that I announce that I am a Freemason. In fact, I have been a freemason for over a year now. On March 11, 2010 I walked into the Lodge for the very first time. On March 23, 2011 I went through the cermony to become a Master Mason, otherwise known as receiving the third… (more…)