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honour among thevies?

It looks like I’m a bit slow on this news article but it nonetheless amuses me. Apparently phisers have a new enemy, defacers. I’ve only seen one defacing, someone’s wedding website (no comment about whether it was improved by the attack). I think this is great. Vigilante justice by the so-called quasi-criminal element just serves to show that even rebels… (more…)

still trying

Movable Type keeps trying to reassert control. I’ve now deleted the mysql database it uses (the content is saved in a couple of locations). The next step will be wading through the 325 posts, selecting those to be published on this blog, deleting the sex and poker trackback pings, and uploading them into the history. This might take a while.

Hello world!

Wha happened??? Due to the fact that the public life and private life portions of my site are now interfering with each other I am having to do something I’ve been thinking about for over a year: separating the tweed from the man. I need to have a place where I can relate what is going on in my life… (more…)