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note to self

The next time you try and circumvent debian by downloading iPodder directly from the website look at that handly little file innocently labelled README. In other news. It’s amazing a little difference in numbers can make. Say python2.4 instead of python2.3. This is why I have a love/hate relationship with my mornings off. I do really neat stuff that takes… (more…)

Just because I’m boring doesn’t mean I’m not busy

Despite assurances in my mother’s mind that we are steadfastly ignoring her pleas to visit out of some hardheartedness, life is actually pretty damned full at the moment. Between Seraph and I we’ve had one weekend out of the last five or so at home where we could get chores done. Shopping for food and laundry does take most of… (more…)

Proving my point

Articles – Your Guide To Breakfast Pies – Mr By the 19th century, apple and other fruit pies were common at the breakfast table in rural homes throughout America. And Seraph thinks I’m silly for going to buy bread, coffee, piecrust, and chocolate chips before I go home. Pie is breakfast. So are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The interweb… (more…)

The Federcletus Awesome.


I’m currently downloading the torrent for Elive, a really really neat live version of linux. Did I say it’s really neat? It uses the enlightenment desktop which does a whole crapload of really cool stuff for like half the memory. Heh heh. There are 33 seeders right now. I’m dowloading at over 300 Kb/s. Awesome. I love the linux world.

Shifting anger

When I originally wrote the words of the two previous posts, life seemed clearer. New Orleans knew what was going to hit them and anyone who didn’t leave deserved to be told no when they called for help. I never thought anyone deserved to die. No one does. Buy my sympathy for those people who stayed in their bungalows on… (more…)

Dear Mississippi

You aren’t really included in the previous post. You were told to take shelter. You did what you were supposed to. Update: My biggest problem with this whole situation is that police and reservists are having to put their lives on the line when they shouldn’t have had to do so. Our front line of personal defence has to deal… (more…)


Dear over 100 assholes calling 911 when Katrina hit and you wanted the police to save you, You’re a fucking retard. You were told to leave. If you couldn’t because you have no car then why weren’t you at the Superdome? If you couldn’t because you physically were not able to get out of your house, why didn’t you call… (more…)

The end is nigh

As a children’s librarian I cannot look at the end of August and breathe a sigh of relief. The summer is by far the busiest season of the year because we finally get in our major demographic: school kids. We never see children from the schools in great number during the rest of the year. Even March Break pales in… (more…)

Cyborg Name