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What Scifi character are you?

Putting your appointed path ahead of any inner conflicts, you make your own rules for the benefit of all. If my life or death I can protect you, I will. Not bad. Not bad at all. Except for the small 115,689 other people sharing the exact same traits. Goddamned Uncle Willy shares his with 192 people. Must be an actor… (more…)

Um, wait

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | New avian flu death in Thailand The victim had slaughtered and cooked a neighbour’s dead chickens. First, how does one slaughter a dead animal? Second, is that grammar correct? Third, that’s not avain flu. That’s food poisoning. (Thanks to Seraph for that last one). I reiterate. If you are sneaking through your neighbours yard and… (more…)

and one final post

The only problem I have with Dick Cheney and Palmegate is the fact that I don’t have cable and have to rely on the interweb to provide clips of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And people thought Clinton gave the evening monologues fodder. How does one come up with the idea to go into a press conference and deny… (more…)

Avian flu

I’m sorry but if I here one more prediction about how the world is going to end because some chicken has a mild cough I’ll … think of something nasty to say. Attention world: There is no flu pandemic. The dire predictions of economic collapse will occur if the strain mutates to affect humans. Note the word if in the… (more…)

Somedays I really shouldn’t be allowed to touch computers

Despite having deleted a bunch of files I still found myself hitting problems whenever I needed to run programs (such as Opera) that required some sort of disc cache. I finally figured out why. I have bashpodder. It’s a command line program that downloads podcasts. Yep. That’s right. I had about ten directories of mp3s sitting on my bloody 10G… (more…)

Happy Bond Day

I just want to wish everyone a happy “We have a new James Bond” day. I find it confusing that Jude Law got screwed out of the part by the guy who was screwing someone who was supposed to be screwing Jude Law in the first place. Betcha he wishes he didn’t hire that nanny now.

Writing projects

So I’m now puttering about with a grand total of three and a half writing projects. There’s my novel which I haven’t touched for almost a month now, a new project basically telling guys about all the stuff they need to know for when they get married (e.g. sheets come in a package, your wife will appreciate that package setup… (more…)

Canadian Children’s Books

I’m looking for a list of Canadian children’s picture books published after the year 2000. Do you think I can find one? I can get award winners but not a definitive list. Should I be working on this or something? Amicus is not useful because they do not separate it by Canadian authors. I can’t search on Canadian cities either… (more…)

I should have stayed in bed

I haven’t actually gotten any email for the past 2 days. It turns out I set a 10MB quota on myself and didn’t realize I was over. But while fixing it I noticed something rather interesting. I have an IMAP server. That’s right. I have been using pop3 for almost 2 years now having to go into a web interface… (more…)

ipodder frustration

It seems debian is one of two distros (RH being the other) that does not have the required packages of wxpython that are needed to get ipodder up and running. Why this is the case when the wxpython people have released 2.6 is beyond me. I love debain but damn it’s frustrating when something that is relatively (in the internet… (more…)