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Once it’s out ..

While watching the Survivor Series pay-per-view match between Triple H and Ric Flair I found myself caught in the notion that I should by all rights being enjoying the match. Instead, I sat in my chair with a bored expression on my face vaguely wondering if there was any food left. The story line had weeks of careful development. The… (more…)

Gilles Duceppe = George Hamilton

Am I wrong?

Over before it really begins

I’m a political sycophant in some ways. I’ll debate politics and policies at the drop of a hat and enjoy myself doing it. Am I excited about this election? Fuck no. Nothing new will happen. No new party policies, no new leaders, hell we don’t even have a new scandal to point our finger at. The Prime Minister’s chief defense… (more…)


Working as I am in Toronto I find I have to cross the city at least twice a day. I don’t care about the fact that I have to commute. I went in knowing that I would spend an hour or so each way in getting to work. I listen to the Edge in the morning and the Fan 590… (more…)

FUBARed no more

Chances are you didn’t notice much going on since the last post. Well that’s because everything was FUBARed. Given that I now spend 3 to 4 hours commuting each day I haven’t had much of an opportunity to hack at the problem. Today I managed to put in a solid two hours worth of work and figured out what was… (more…)


I’m scared. I left almost fifteen minutes late this morning and got to work a half hour early. The 401 on Fridays looks to be the scariest damn thing I have ever encountered. In other news the new job is going quite well. I’ve now figured out how to browse to all my favorite sites and my MiT email, not… (more…)

Last day

For some reason or other I forgot to post this bit of fairly vital information. I start a new job on Tuesday which makes today my last day. Since posting about work led to the massive redesign of MiTdC I shall forgo any comments for now. Wait for the autobiography due out in, oh, whenever anyone gives a damn.

The Almighty Alarm Clock

I have this deal with God. If the Almighty gets me up in time, I’ll go to church. I will admit to being the lesser party in this agreement every now and then. I’ll wake up bright and early to just sit at the computer instead of getting dressed and going out to church. This morning I managed to wake… (more…)

Ivory Coast recruiting Liberians

BBC NEWS | Africa | Ivory Coast recruiting Liberians Oh. For a minute there I though my job worries were over.

Iran and the Destruction of Realism in Political Thought

Hah. Made you think I had a great post coming with that title didn’t I? Well I might later but for now I’ll just say that anyone who calls for the utter, and I mean utter, destruction of the country more or less beside you while in the process of trying to deny that you have any plans for a… (more…)