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Holy Disfunction

Today we celebrate the Holy Family. Many love to use it as an metaphor for a “hoo-rah the family is the proper unit of keeping our world together isn’t it wonderful” life. I do not. Those of us who come from a broken family or have lived with a toxic relationship with a parent hate hearing these sermons. They celebrate… (more…)

Of course I choose the OT Lesson

Today should be easy. The gospel lesson is probably one of the most recognizable passages of scripture spoken by Jesus after the beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus gives us a parable and then we get a record of how he explained it to the disciples. The seed is the word of God, the soil is people, on it goes.… (more…)

11th Sunday of Pentecost

July 31, 2016 — 11th Sunday of Pentecost Text: Luke 12:13-21 I want to be honest, today’s gospel lesson is not one of the easy ones. This is not a happy parable with an explanation written out a few verses later. This is not an uplifting passage. The next few weeks in the lectionary are not going to be showing… (more…)

Changing the NHL Playoffs

A few weeks back my @dasbobworld (my erstwhile brother-in-law) and I had one of those sitting around discussions where we fixed the world. The world in question was the NHL. Neither of us like the fact that the East gets one less team into the second season and the potential of Quebec City getting a franchise along with Las Vegas… (more…)

Why is Jesus being an asshat?

Warning: Contains Religion Note: This is sermon 3 of 3. The other two were written on paper and have yet to be digitally transcribed (in either sense of that word). I’m using the revised common lectionary for the last while as an ongoing narrative (which it is as we’re essentially going through Mark with some add-ins from John). I’m including… (more…)

Checking something out

I’m playing with Amazon affiliate links right now, more so I can stop wondering about whether I should post an image of the books I review. [amazon asin=0451414837&template=add to cart]

April 3, 2015

A year ago … … I had never cut down a tree. … I had yet to light a fire using the embers of the previous day’s blaze. … I had never owed a pool. … I had never hung my clothes on my clothesline. … my youngest uncle was still alive. … I lived in Freya’s house. … I was… (more…)

Review of the New Testament

Back in January I decided that my resolution would be to read the entirety of the Bible. Wait? Did you hear that correctly? Yes. The entirety. I wasn’t convinced I had read all of the minor prophets let alone all of Isaiah and there was a nagging suspicion that I never really did finish Hebrews. So I grabbed a Bible… (more…)

Level Complete

One of those odd professional moments happened yesterday when I worked on a job from start to finish. I have been there for the opening and the closing but never for both on the same job. This particular job took five months, a bit longer than the eight to ten weeks I was originally told. The last few weeks were rough.… (more…)

Snow Day

Snow days for work are similar to snow days in school: you go to bed at your regular time and wake up at dark o’clock as you normally would. Then you live in stasis. I’m out of town so it’s not like I can just putter around the house doing the miscellaneous chores that pile up. Hell, I’ve only been here… (more…)

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