My sad summer (but with some hope)

Warning: The following post is quite sad and I am trying not to cry while writing it. The past few months have been really difficult. Back in July we had our annual vet visit and ran a senior blood panel on our eldest cat Cotton. Last year’s senior panel showed a thyroid problem which we got under control. This year’s… (more…)

Are we done yet?

I am actually close to seeing something new on the jobsite: completion. I have never worked for a company long enough to see the work end and the site be handed over.  Now it is entirely possible that I will not see the end of this particular site, I’m being moved “temporarily” to another site sometime in the middle of… (more…)

My favorite invention

Today I used my favorite invention to make it’s way to the workplace: disposable ear-plugs. Today was one of those days where the cacophony of noise began to reverberate in my brain pan. The sprinkler guys were machining their pipes, a lift was constantly beeping, and every now and then someone decided that cutting through metal with a circular saw… (more…)


Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs So reading Silver Borne brought out a desire in my wife to reread the Mercy series and I felt it my duty to help her. I’m very supportive that way. Picking up Moon Called reminded me that (a) Silver Borne finished off a lot of loose ends including some miscellaneous bits… (more…)

Random Man

I am officially “random guy” at work. Ever since showing that I can do my job when left to my own devices I have been given the random tasks that always seem to pop up. Now I’m being sent to random job sites, three in fact, in the span of five days. Part of this is simply the fact that… (more…)

Two more books, now over halfway

Thanks to being out of work for four months, having a train ride into work once I got there, and a coping mechanism with depression that has me hide in works of fiction I have managed to surpass the halfway point for the 95 books without really realizing it. The hardest part has been sitting down and writing these posts… (more…)

Seven more books

Book 47 – 49  Island in the Sea of Time, Against the Tide of Years, On the Oceans of Eternity by S.M. Stirling The Island of Nantucket drops out of time to somewhere in the 1250s BCE and is lucky enough to have both a Coast Guard captain who can use sails, an ancient civilizations Professor with the ability with… (more…)

CIBC is organizationally incompetent

From the beginning of this year to April 19th I was unemployed. Big deal. That happens a lot in the trades. If I had stayed as a librarian the situation would be pretty much the same if not worse. Fine. Not a problem. However since I was off so much the previous year I ran out of Employment Insurance (EI).… (more…)

It could be worse kid, it could be me up there

Today I got to climb up on top of things in order to get at other things and cover them with insulation.  So part of my day was spent in a three foot high space that is completely covered in dust and other fine things. Luckily I brought in my blue overalls yesterday so the mountains of dust were on… (more…)

Books a plenty

I’m just slightly behind in my book write ups so I’ll just add a brief sentence or so to some of them. #38 Star Wars: Dark Lord — The Rise of Darth Vader by James Luceno — This is how the last movie should have ended. He took a petulant, whiny, crybaby and made him the Dark Lord of the… (more…)