Is the Election Over Yet?

I’ve been reticent to blog about the Canadian federal election because I’m thoroughly bored by the punditry and annoyed that we have to have one in the first place. Despite what the Rt. Hon. Mr. Harper might believe the government can be run by a coalition in a minority situation. Or it can go it alone. Quite frankly I am… (more…)

Another round of connectivity

I’m currently watching PATV (penny arcade television) while simultaneously enjoying the hockey game on my television. Now I’m blogging while doing those two things. This is really becoming favoritest gift. Indeed it is beginning to rival Christmas sweater and slippers.

Epically useless cats

I swear we have three of the most useless felines known to humanity. All three of these creatures have come from outside. One of them may be semi-feral for crying out loud (she’s never had people before and doesn’t really know what to do with us). You would think that one of them would be able to kill a mouse.… (more…)

This is so awesome

I am currently watching Penny Arcade TV in High Definition on my television while blogging using THE EXACT SAME SYSTEM!!!! In other news my birthday laptop is now connected to my monitor as an extended screen.  

Awesome food idea from the Joy of Cooking

Peel and cut lengthwise firm ripe bananas. Place between the halves canned pineapple sticks. Wrap the bananas with bacon. Broil until the bacon is done turning frequently. It’s in the Joy of Cooking therefore it counts as culinary.

Revealing a not really secret

It is with a small bit of trepidation that I announce that I am a Freemason. In fact, I have been a freemason for over a year now. On March 11, 2010 I walked into the Lodge for the very first time. On March 23, 2011 I went through the cermony to become a Master Mason, otherwise known as receiving the third… (more…)

Oshawa Home and Garden Show: Review

In a fit of planned randomness I dragged my wife down the road to the Oshawa Home and Garden Show, aka the Oshawa This Week Home and Garden Show, aka the Metroland Media Presents Home and Garden Show. Since I cannot think of a witty sentence that points out how absurd it is that the show doesn’t even have a… (more…)

That Ending Feeling/Chicken Little?

Remember a few posts back when I said I’d like to experience the end of a job? Well I just finished two jobs back-to-back (leave stalled one, do another, come back).  It’s anti-climactic. Maybe if I’d been at the site from the beginning I might look at it differently but the only thing that really comes to mind is, “damn… (more…)

The more things change the less I can figure them out

I swear there is nothing more odd than trying to figure out where things are in a building you worked in over six months previously when it has been taken over by the occupants and finished. Everything looks weird when you are staring at a high-class restaurant that used to be the temporary bathroom.

Living in the present with cats

No that was not a murderous rampage crashing through my house. It was this. My boot belongs in the kitchen beside my other boot. It does not belong beside the PS2&3. I don’t know how the cats did it other than loudly. Everyone is fine. Freya is sitting on the couch and looks as confused as I am about the… (more…)