Ack, my marriage is dying

Hmm. It’s the day after the House of Commons said gay people should be able to get married. So far my marriage hasn’t disintegrated but we’re on full alert here at tweed central. Since I’ve yammered about this before (not that you can find it at the moment since I have still yet to transfer my files over) I’ll just… (more…)


Thanks to their lack of a television deal TNA has put up a torrent of this week’s Impact. Looks like I’ll finally see what the hype is about.

plucking away

I think I have finally gotten Seraph to worry about me. I borrowed a guitar from my father-in-law last weekend. I now can play two songs: Rose Colored Glasses by John Conlee and Hit Me Baby One More Time by the ‘lovely’ Ms. Spears. Or Ms. Yokel. I’m not sure if she took Cletus’ last name. And before you ask… (more…)

Installing nvidia in debian sarge

After a bunch of hacking and one duh moment (after you install nVidia you kinda have to tell your computer to use it) I now have a computer that recognizes my video card. Since I got confused I’ll write it down here in the hopes that it will help someone (aka me since I can never remember how to do… (more…)

look out WWE

From the Toronto Star today (full link is here but it’s probably needs a login) Things are definitely looking up south of the border, too. The CFL has agreed to deals with a bunch of regional cable networks in the U.S. such as Comcast and Cox Sports and is now available in 70 million homes, 20 million more than last… (more…)

honour among thevies?

It looks like I’m a bit slow on this news article but it nonetheless amuses me. Apparently phisers have a new enemy, defacers. I’ve only seen one defacing, someone’s wedding website (no comment about whether it was improved by the attack). I think this is great. Vigilante justice by the so-called quasi-criminal element just serves to show that even rebels… (more…)

out of the handbasket and into the gondola

Poor Lucifer must be tearing out his hair over the last couple of weeks. First the release of Debian ‘sarge’ dropped the temperature in hell to a new rock bottom low. Then a WWE sponsored ECW event that had no WWE manipulation at the production level (with the added bonus of WCW being mocked and it’s public face man humiliated)… (more…)

still trying

Movable Type keeps trying to reassert control. I’ve now deleted the mysql database it uses (the content is saved in a couple of locations). The next step will be wading through the 325 posts, selecting those to be published on this blog, deleting the sex and poker trackback pings, and uploading them into the history. This might take a while.

Hello world!

Wha happened??? Due to the fact that the public life and private life portions of my site are now interfering with each other I am having to do something I’ve been thinking about for over a year: separating the tweed from the man. I need to have a place where I can relate what is going on in my life… (more…)