What the hell?? Ontario works?

For the first time that I can recall the government of Ontario not only shows that they had a committee report made for them but posted it on the front page. Linky They scrapped it in fifteen minutes however. I guess we aren’t even bothering with lip service anymore.

Blue Jays Should Stay the Course

The major papers keep bringing up the fact that if the Jays keep loosing to teams like Tampa then they won’t make the playoffs. Earth to writers: they weren’t supposed to. Toronto is in no position to make a run for anything other than five games over .500 and that is exactly what they should be doing. And don’t even… (more…)

winners by far

The biggest winners in the NHL lockout will be the Balmy Belt teams of the Southern United States. That’s right. I said it. Now before my fellow Canadians form a lynch mob and figure out the best way to dispose of a carcase let me explain. I know conventional Canadian wisdom says that if you can’t play the game outside… (more…)

new rules

Well it’s about bloody time that the NHL made a deal and changed some of the rules. Here’s my take. Two points or nothing: Some say that it will lead to even more defensive play. Bullshit. They’ll start working their asses off in the third just like before. The huge, contentious, apocalypse will happen (depends on which Sun columnist you… (more…)

Tour de France

I know it’s not really proper to say it since it isn’t over but DAMN! Lance Armstrong is just Schooling everybody for his last race. He just burned up the entire field on the alps. Not being able to watch the coverage is the one true regret I have about not getting cable right now.

the dog days of summer

A couple of months ago Seraph hooked me up with some swimming lessons at the city recreation complex a block away from where she works. She was tired of hearing me think about doing it. I took the lessons with a few goals in mind. First, I needed to make sure I could not drown. This was fairly simple as… (more…)

London Bombing

First, I do not in any way support the attack of innocent civilians. But let’s be honest here. This is one of the stupidist attacks I have ever heard of. Why? Look where one of them happened. Beside Hyde Park. If you really wanted to demoralize a nation why didn’t anyone think of hitting the huge concert that happened to… (more…)

it figures

NASA manages to land a probe on a comet, an act that will lead to massive scientific information up to and possibly including the origins of the universe and somebody sues them. For messing up the moral balance of the universe. Apparently a Russion astrologer wants $300,000 (US) in damages for the irreperable harm caused to her since her readings… (more…)


Wasn’t up at 5 this morning starting to freak out about the TD Summer Reading Club starting today. Nope. Not me. Not me at all.

I look like an accountant

I went to an oldschool male barber yesterday. He cut my hair. We chatted about how the guy ahead of me was an idiot for never buying a house back in the forties. He used a straight razor to clear up the edges. And he did the left side part. Yep, I had my hair parted and combed to the… (more…)