Love is in the air

Though Valentine’s Day has past there still a certain feeling air that lends itself to amorous intent. Never was this more evident than this evening. I generally pull into my driveway with a sense of caution. Our back porch serves as a gathering place for the neighbourhood cats. Our darling Sybil was a part of a colloquium one morning. When I opened… (more…)

Utopia by Thomas More

As stated before, one of my new year’s goals is to read through a number of books which exist in my library because I really ought to read them at some point. The first book plucked from this collection is Utopia by Sir Thomas More. The text itself is not necessarily the current authoritative one. It was produced in 1964… (more…)

Our position in the multiverse

Reading the Amber series has me thinking about our position in the multiverse. I do believe that there should be two ‘prime universes’ if only by shear mathematics. If multiverses are based off the idea that a new universe is spawned each time someone decides to pick B over A then there must be a place where everyone picks option… (more…)

Books ahoy hoy

After a year of next to no blog posts I thought I would return to my most successful blogging tool yet: the booklist. I’m going to record the books I read and write a brief thought as to why I read it. My goal this year is to increase the number of ‘literary’ works I read. I’ve collected a number… (more…)

Edgar Choueiri, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University, has developed a way to play true three-dimensional sound recordings over regular loudspeakers, such as those found in televisions and computer laptops. The technique may one day be used to allow 3D televisions to produce lifelike sound and to help people with certain types of hearing impairments locate… (more…)

Random Twain

Every now and then Mark Twain delivers a beautiful statement that fits perfectly into life over one hundred year later. In this case, it sums up my professional relationship with the drywallers. During this big rise these small-fry craft were an intolerable nuisance. We were running chute after chute –a new world to me– and if there was a particularly… (more…)

What I should have said to CityTV about privacy

This morning at break the Google Maps bike was at Yonge Dundas square for a photo op/media session. Afterwords a reporter from CityTV asked my opinion on the bike and whether I found it an invasion of privacy. I forgot my cardinal rule with the press — have something prepared the moment you see a camera on the off chance… (more…)

Random thoughts from the world of music

Every now and then I like to go to to watch some of the latest hits, since they don’t show music on tv anymore. Here is my latest batch of thoughts. I wanna go by Britney Spears  — It looks like she’s trying to corner the Ke$ha market by being the crazy, party girl and wants everyone to look at her… (more…)

Things Said at Work

Coworker: Man, you know what’d be a great invention? An umbrella but without the metal and made with wood so that you could use it for the sun instead of the rain. Me: That would be a parasol. And it was a great invention, when they made it a few centuries ago. And then as luck would have it someone… (more…)

A new me

Twice in the last couple of weeks I’ve met up with people I haven’t seen in a while. The first was one of my best friends-from-grades-5-to -10’s jack and jill. Mike recognized me because of facebook but his mother and brother had no idea. The second was on Friday with one of my good friends from Windsor (hi Elaine) who… (more…)